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Who Are we?

Back in 1996, a group of Hudson, Essex, and Terraplane enthusiasts decided to form a chapter of the National Hudson Essex Terraplane club.  This chapter serves the Eastern portion of Kansas and Western portion of Missouri.

We are still going strong, keeping HET (Hudson, Essex, and Terraplane) vehicles on the road and the brands alive.  Once you start looking, you'll be surprised how many of these cars have survived!  


President:  Jim Durand  

Vice President:  Wayne Holz 

Secretary/Editor:  John Forkner 

Treasurer/Web Person:  Jennie McCall 

Darrel and Mary Alexander 

Wayne and Carolyn Davidson  

Jim Durand

Jamie, Julie, and Ellen Durand

John and Robyn Forkner

Wayne and Lynn Holz

Mike and Jennifer McCall

Bill and Bob Shipley

Fred and Wille Stroupe

Bob and Donna Sullivant

Marvin and Thema Sword

Peg Velasquez

Mel Wise