You will also need to be a member of the National Hudson Essex Terraplane Club.  Find info at:

Ready to join us?  Download the membership brochure below and follow the instructions.  It's really simple!


If preserving and promoting a great American auto brand is not enough reason to belong to your national and local chapters, here are a few more reasons.  

We have experts ready to help you with your restoration and maintenance questions.  Need parts?  We've got a guy.  Or two.  

Come play the experts in a game of "Hudson or no Hudson"?  If you're watching Driving Miss Daisy, the answer may be yes.  If you're watching The Italian Job, well, it's no.  

Broaden your horizons - we come from all walks of life.  And there is nothing better than meeting in person to touch, smell, hear, and ride in these cars.  Facebook's got nothing on us!  (But we are on Facebook)

We know where all the good shows - and hotels and restaurants - are in our area. If we really like you, we may even warn you about the bad ones.  

It's the most fun you and your family can have for $1 per month.  

You/your kids/your grandkids have seen Cars I, Cars II, Cars III.  Come see Doc and Smokey and all their friends that didn't make it into the films.  Maybe we can petition for a Super Jet in Cars IV????

And lastly,  we are just a whole lot of fun! Kind of like a tornado in a trailer park?  Come see for yourself!